The pure beef McDonald39s in use in all types of beef burgers, and never used beef slag, consumers can rest assured consumption. Yesterday, the reporter is seen at the McDonald39s official website, for the introduction of product quality, the nominal use pure beef, and stressed that we use only pure beef. Users questioned the beef the slag also belongs to the the pure beef netizens Wu ultra students on the microblogging said slag beef cattle more bad bacteria, classified, should also belong to the pure beef. McDonald39s socalled pure beef in the end is pure quality beef or plain beef consumers questioned said McDonald39s to enter China, has repeatedly stressed that the international standard is China and the United States. This time, McDonald39s China stand up and say their old club with the United States is not the same, so we are a bit surprised. Chinese consumers actually enjoy beyond the treatment of American consumers, which we should be grateful to McDonald39s. Morning News reporters Xiao Danxiang and Guan Lianjie What is the the pink meat residue It is understood that the socalled pink meat residue, usually people do not like to eat the Ngau Tau Hoof oxtail and other parts of the mountain of meat residue sale. After disinfection, but because of the pink meat residue bacterial content is very high, generally more were sold into cat food dog food. According to China Voice News Coverage, coverage, Hamburg meatloaf made with beef scrap. The other side of the ocean, a fashion designer outlet online message about the fastfood giant McDonald39s microblogging enraged. McDonald39s recently announced that in the United States to stop using the raw material is called pink meat residue. The socalled pink meat residue, usually people do not like to eat cattle

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